The Modern-Day Church is very much in need of spiritual growth. Brian’s Traveling ministry focuses on several areas for development. 

  1. Conversion and commitment to Christ Jesus – Most individuals have a very passive walk with Christ; an absolute emphasis on the believer’s role in the modern era Church is the priority.
  2. Training and Equipping – The essential part of the ministry is to be in the Holy Spirit as well as in the word, which is a principle for modern-day believers. Most who begin in the classes are not actively ministering to their peers; sessions on practical ministry are encouraged.
  3. Activating the believer in their God-given Call and destiny is of absolute necessity and the sign of a 5-Fold minister.
  4. Services often are followed by great conviction and visitation by the Holy Spirit. 

Brian always allows the Holy Spirit to do His work at each service. There are no cookie-cutter services, each service will be prayerfully considered. Signs and wonders are expected and welcomed. If you are wanting your church to go to the next level or have believers who are cold in their faith Brian’s Ministry can address that. 

You can reach General Overseer

Brian Feeney

Direct – (905) 922-9000

Tuesday’s Connect

Tuesday’s CONNECT is a place for the church to “plugin” once a week and fellowship as a body in Christ. We believe people come to church for the Power of God and the Word. However, they stay because of the culture. 

Launched in 2022, Tuesday’s Connect will incorporate three main principles of solidarity and unity; Prayer, Fellowship, and Community. These are the building blocks of having a strong, vibrant, and committed church. 

Tuesday’s Connect provides a place of sharing, vulnerability, prayer, intercession, community, and church building. 

It takes all of us to build the church. However, we must first strengthen each other!

Where: Tuesdays Connect Room. Can be found under Rooms on the main DFM Facebook page.

Link Below

When: Every Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. EST

Who: Everyone is accepted! 

Please send your message to the following email address: 


Ministry Resources

Prophet Kevin Leal – 

For over 30 years Kevin has been operating as a prophet to the Body of Christ. Kevin discovered his prophetic gift while witnessing to the lost and in his weekly cell group meetings. 

Many of Kevin’s meetings are marked by an unusual Presence from the Holy Spirit that causes both the leaders and workers to have a ministry awakening of the same kind he experienced, creating an intense desire within the hearts of people to go from desiring blessing to building, watching to working, and from education to equipping for real life ministry with a intense supernatural impact to their situation and generation.


Ministers to listen, watch and follow

  • Dr Myles Munroe
  • Prophet David Wilkerson
  • Leonard Ravenhill
  • Charles G. Finney